Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

We value our customers feedback on our performance, and we will use this input in our continued work to become a better supplier in the future. We therefore appreciate any additional comments you might add to give us a clear idea of what we need to improve.

From 1 – 6 please give your rating on our performance:

1. Delivery precision *

Are you satisfied with our delivery time in general? Where your products delivered at the agreed upon time?

1. Delivery precision comments?

2. Quality on our products *

Where the products supplied without any defects? Is there any technical parts of our products you are not satisfied with? Should we improve anything?

2. Quality comments?

3. Documentation *

Did you receive sufficient documentation? Was it delivered at the correct time?

3. Documentation comments?

Additional comment

4. Service *

From the inquiry to delivery, are we performing as expected? Is there anything we could have done differently which would made your experience with us smoother?

4. Service comments?

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5. Product portfolio *

Is our selection of products to your satisfaction? Do you miss anything? Is there any product you would like us to include in our portfolio?

5. Product comments?

Additional comment

6. Price *

Do you think we are competitive? Do you feel that you get value for money?

6. Price comments?

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7. Company Name

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8. Your Name

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