The Libra HDS series is a lightweight fire door type.

The A0 Spraytight door is suitable to withstand A0 fire requirements, and they are suitable for installation in spraytight decks.
Actually we do not have a certified HDS A0 door in our portfolio, so all inquiries will be quoted an A60 HDS instead.
The only A0 certified doors we have is the WRD series.

Maximum size according to our certificates is: CO (Clear Opening) = 1000 x 2100mm (width x height).
Other sizes can be discussed upon request.

  • Moving parts made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Automatic open/close available
  • Adjustable moving parts.
  • Z-Frame
  • 30 mm corner radius.
  • Size according to request.
  • Surface treatment on request.